• A Rant About the State of NonsexualSocial Nudity, Body Disgrace & American Society

    What is the sate of NonsexualSocial Nudity in America Today?
    Recently, http://hellofive.jp/click3.cgi?cnt=counter07&url=http://nude-beach.net 've been perusing the Internet. I desired to get a feel as to how society in general feels towards nonsexual nudity and the naturist society as a whole. While apparently you'll find many supporters for non sexual social nudity (given it is done in a respectable manner and proper place), it looks like there are twice as many that condemn the idea. While http://axisinfotech.net/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=nudist-young.com , I realized that any combination of search terms that includes the word "naked" (in ANY kind) will normally bring up pornography sites and news articles related to "negative nudity." The search results also contained quite a few posts by folks that deal with city, state and other government officials in addition to a group of dating sites. I began to question, what's created such a widespread interest in sexual nudity? Could it have been our upbringing, societal standards or maybe it's part of our genetic make-up? Why can it be that straightforward nudity appears to continually be considered indecent and naturally sexual in our society now?
    Absolutely, I'm not the only person who has found this. But as http://berniebeckman.com/adredir.asp?url=http://videonudism.com continued to research, I found that, at least here in America, we now have been "brainwashed to feel, think and promote the natural state of undress as a poor / lewd thing. Historically we did not have clothing - aside from the furs worn to shield us from the components. Until Asia devised loom technology over six thousand years ago, we didn't even understand what clothing were. The early European settlers "taught" us that nudity was socially unacceptable in the Americas. The fact that the Natives had lived this way for a millennia, as well as longer, did not appear to really make a difference.
    In http://ipcraft.pro/forum/away.php?s=http://wnude.com , our tradition is that of nudity. The Greeks historically lived naked and embraced social nudity for centuries - using minimalist clothes as a sign of social status. They also shown the naked body in arty paintings, sculptures and participated in many events (for example wrestling and mock battles) without a stitch of cloth. They were the forefathers that invented the Olympic Games - subsequently performed them in the nude. Due to lack of evidence to the contrary, the religions of the world thousands of years ago started the repression of nudity. Regrettably, it has continued to this very day.
    "Accept or Reject" by Yu Chang
    Many questions have been running through my head as of late. I keep wondering why society frowns on individuals who encourage total body approval. Is naturism to state ourselves the way we want? How could nudity be considered sexual when nudists and naturist communities present clear evidence to the contrary? Are people that ashamed of these bodies they need make up reasons to hide them? Why are we the only few that can fathom how favorable a unclothed society can be, not only health-wise but also socially and economically? Why am I not bare right now? And finally (for now), what can we do to alter the societal perspective and by doing this, create and grow the basic and fundamental understanding and acceptance of the nude human body?
    Sadly, it seems like we as a society, are set in "our" manners and unless something or someone moves to dramatically alter that way of thinking, we are going to simply continue to make minuscule strides toward an overall approval of nonsexual societal nudity. With the laws slowly transforming in some places for the better and in others for the worse, it seems like we might be treading water. But for those of us living in locations like Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis along with other areas of the Midwest, I worry we may never experience such freedoms. At least not within my lifetime, which makes me wonder if things would be different if we might sink in more money and time to promote and attract more tourism from other countries. Seemingly, the areas with the most tourism, like Croatia, also have the lesser number of constraints placed on naturists.
    While areas for example Kansas City / Missouri and Kansas don't automatically condemn naturists or our way of life, they do have laws preventing public nudity. Consequently, the belief is that some residents here don't always like the idea of such. The reason they give is that it is obscene because it depicts a girl baring her breasts and only partly clothed while taking a photo of herself (copying the new naked selfies phenomena). Happily, a grand jury determined that the statue just isn't obscene and is considered artwork. What a closed minded society we live in!
    beach girl shames me to say that the American society which promises to be accepting of anyone and everyone is, in fact, anything but. I think that society, as a whole, make people ashamed of themselves. As a result, the embarrassed fight against what we as naturists try to overcome. Who is to say a woman isn't appealing only because she is bigger as opposed to malnourished girl on a billboard? Who determined a guy is not wonderful because he's got body hair and a beer gut and never the toned, hairless body of the model on TV? Why is it that most people are blind to the true beauty of a person?
    When American society starts to see the true beauty of someone, maybe they're going to see exactly the same things we do and accept the natural beauty that is us. Until then, I imagine we will continue to visit our specific naturist allocated places, live in the buff behind closed doors and trust that we will someday come together as a whole and reverse the disgrace that has been inflicted on us so many years past.
    This Nudist Rant About The State of Nonsexual Social Nudity Was Released by -Young Naturists and Naturists America

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